Collecting, owning, maintaining…Keep your artistic property safe, we offer a valuation of art and antiques to make your insurance adapt to them.

The desire to compose an art collection implies a great adventure of life. A journey full of new emotions that will be very satisfying on a personal level, but it also takes time and entails risks. We know that good collections are made with time, not only with money: search, discover, observe, study the pieces and career of the artist, talk with the artist work, imagine it in its final location and after a few years. For all these reasos and so that you can devote yourself fully to your passion, leave the search for the best insurance in our hands, to make your artistic investment something to enjoy every day.

The measurable value of a proper valuation

Nearly 75% of high standing houses owners are holding inadequate insurances. This is due to being insured by non specialised companies, with basic coverages and, in most cases the content value is outdated or it has not been properly assessed, for different circumstances, as for instance, because it has been acquired by heritage.

And, it’s not the same the value of a gold jewel compared 10 year ago to nowadays, when it has been revaluated to more than 300%.



Eager to help our customers to know the value of what they own, we offer a risk verification service and a free content assessment* for each new policy, including the appraisal of 3 artwork to prevent future setbacks in the event of a casualty or incident.


*subject to the policy issuance


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Music Lovers

For orchestras, conservatories, schools, associations, professionals, amateurs, luthiers, museums...if you have musical instruments this is the coverage that you need.

Fine Art by Hiscox

The most extensive fully comprehensive insurance for material losses.

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