Are you the family head? Do you have mortgage or loans? Do you spent a lot of time driving? Do you have school-aged children? Are you worried about becoming ill or unable to work?

If you have answered YES to any of the questions above, you need a Life or Accident insurance. By this way you will guarantee your family's financial stability, you will assure their schooling, further education and their future projects and you will preserve their quality of life. Besides of resolving material needs, it will be a great help in your family's emotional aspects in addressing the loss, the disability or dependency of a loved one. Sleep calm and confident.

Driver’s Accidents Insurance

The Driver: the great Ignored

Your car insurance covers damages to the vehicle, to the passengers and to third parties…but, by law, it is not mandatory to insure the physical damages caused to the driver.

Have you stop a while and thought about coverages by accident in your auto insurance in case of being liable for the damage? You probably are unprotected or with a minimal coverage. We have the solution to this exclusion with a guarantee for the PERSON, not the car.

If you are a car or motorcycle driver, for 33€ per year you will have a coverage up to €250.000€ for death or total permanent disability. Ask us for more information and enjoy the wheel with complete peace of mind.

Our companies

Nothing better than feeling fit and safe

Liberty Accidentes Ocio is a complete and extra-professional insurance, that makes you feel safe in your free time, devoting yourself to your favorite hobby or sport.

Single Travel Insurance

You can now travel safely for very little money.
Medical and hospital expenses, extension of stay, repatriation, loss of lugage, death or disability due to accident, liability, legal assistance and many moer coverages. Find out prior to your departure!

Accident Insurance for professional activities

We offer you the best insurance for freelancers that develop low risk professional activities. Check the conditions and included activities by contacting us.

Choose peace of mind, easily

Vida Express Plus offers you, without health check-up, the access to a product that protects your most beloved ones. For people between 20 and 65 years old.

Do you need more information or do you prefer us to call you? Feel free to contact us if you have any question.