Do you have private health insurance? Tired of long waits at Social Security?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, we can offer you tailored private health insurance. The health insurance policy is designed to cover all the possibilities of insuring your health and that of your family members with the most complete healthcare insurance. Taking into account the obligation and limitations of the public health system, health insurance is the solution to ensure easy and rapid access to Health services and personalized care.

Family Health Insurance

Health insurance for families is currently in high demand as they provide a comprehensive medical services for both adults and children.

Among the advantages of private health insurance we can highlight a number of advantages such as enjoying much faster medical care, avoiding long waiting lists that are usually suffered in Social Security, being easier to fit appointments to our personal or labour needs.

The Insurance companies offer a wide range of medical centers and specialists to choose from, as well as amenities such as having a single room, no masification, greater tranquility and different services available to the patient.

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Family Health Insurance

Health insurance for families, without co-payments, without long hours of waiting, with comprehensive medical coverage, hospitalization, interventions, diagnostic tests and a wide range of products designed for you and your family.

Insurance for children

Being able to insure your children’s health is priceless.

Now it’s possible that your little ones have their own  health insurance without you having to be insured.

Senior Insurance

It doesn’t matter how old you are. We offer you the best health insurance for people  65 years old and over, with extensive coverage and a wide medical services.


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