It is said that the Self-employed never fall ill… and it is that a self-employed person finds it much more expensive to be on a sick leave, but illnesses and unforeseen events do not know about social security schemes or contributions.

As a self-employed or freelancer you take many risks, which can affect your work activity. Hence the convenience of being well insured. To protect yourself and your business, in the event of an accident, illness, unemployment or retirement, you need to know how to supplement your Social Security benefits.

Private health insurance for self-employed

One of the concerns of a self-employed worker is his health. That’s why it’s important to have private health insurance that allows you to manage your time as self-employed. Arranging an appointment with your doctor often is complicated as you have to leave your business.

Self-employed can benefit from special conditions in health insurance including the same coverage as for individuals but with special prices designed for them.

Also buying health insurance for freelancers has important advantages.

  • Tax savings as it is a deductible expense in the IRPF.
  • Fast appointments, diagnostic tests and interventions.
  • Free choice of doctor and hospital as insurance companies have a wide health scheme.
  • Greater comfort, being able to opt for a single room in case of hospitalization.

Health Insurance for Autonomous

Lack of time and the way medical services function is one of the reasons why it is advisable to take out private health insurance.

Because you deserve the best, a health insurance at the best price, without waiting with no co-payments and full coverage.

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