Health insurance for Expats

The rules state that, in order to be able to obtain the residence card in Spain, foreigners must take on health insurance. But what characteristics should this health insurance policy have? How and where can you purchase it?

Health insurance for foreigners is a prerequisite in Spain for obtaining a residence permit or visa.

It must have special features: it must cover the same benefits as the National Health System, primary health care, specialists, diagnostic tests, hospitalisation, interventions, etc., as well as not having co-payments nor waiting periods.

Brumwell Brokers can advise you to obtain health insurance for foreigners, in the case of both EU and non-EU citizens.


Foreigners - NIE processing

Do you need health insurance to obtain your NIE?

It is now possible to obtain health care insurance without co-payments, without waiting periods and with repatriation coverage.


Health insurance for expats, with flexible coverage if you are posted abroad for work.

Students abroad

Insurance for students from the age of 10 to 35 years old who will study abroad.

Taning care of travel asistance and repatriation to Spain if necessary.

Students in Spain

Health insurance aimed at foreign students who come to study in Spain.

Complete healthcare, repatriation in case of death. No waiting periods and no co-payments.

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